About Luxury Estates Auction Company

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  • Protecting you and your clients

    We are NOT your competition; we are your counterpart. We are able to provide your clients with OPTIONS. Combined with the expertise of you and your brokerage firm as well as our team of advisors, together we are equipped to provide optimum results.

  • Boosting your exposure

    With local, national and international databases, Luxury Estates Auction Company will boost the exposure of your clients’ property significantly. Our databases are customized to each particular property targeting active buyers within the scope and attributes of your clients’ property.

  • Guarding your commission

    Continuing with our counterpart approach, market rate commissions are paid to the listing and selling agents by Luxury Estates Auction Company with a closed sale. Again, we are in the business of providing options and developing customized strategies for each listing while working alongside each of our referral partners.

As we embark on unprecedented times, many of your clients are looking to diversify portfolios, solidify investments and create new opportunities for success. Luxury Estates Auction Company has in the past, currently is and will continue to provide these options and opportunities to our clients and to yours. Single property owners, multi-property investors, as well as developers with neighborhoods, complexes and subdivisions, we at Luxury Estates Auction Company are equipped to handle your clients’ transactions. We have sold as many as 110 properties in a single business day with our team of licensed real estate agents, auction advisors and marketing specialists. We specialize in the unknown using non-traditional approaches and data that is unfamiliar and overlooked by a traditional real estate agent. Allow Luxury Estates Auction Company to provide your clients with this non-traditional approach and let us allow you to be your clients’ champion!