Auctions are Your Best Option to Sell


Auctions are your best option to sell

Having people find your property is only half the battle in luxury real estate sales. For instance, thousands of buyers across the US could come across your listing. But, if they don’t like what they see, they’re liable to move on to the next home. In other words, converting your leads is paramount. The important thing is to not only convey your lifestyle brand in-person but also through the use of content marketing and social media platforms as well.

As we all know, purveyors of luxury properties can come from all walks of life. So, it’s no surprise that selling trends in luxury real estate are not uniform— geographically or demographically. However, there is a common thread between sellers, i.e., technology.

OK. I’ll spare you the stats. We all know most Americans look to a handheld device when searching for pretty much anything these days. And, so the story goes for real estate as well.

No one is more familiar with the shifting technological tides in the real estate game than Luxury Estates Auction Company. After all, we pride ourselves on employing effective, aggressive marketing techniques. That’s why it’s crucial for you to fully understand the role digital marketing plays in luxury real estate sales.

Digital marketing in luxury home sales is nothing new. Many firms already actively use social media and other technologies to raise awareness about their brand and attract new leads. Not only is digital marketing a strategic way to get your lifestyle image and brand out, but it also gives you a competitive advantage over others “in-the-biz” who have fallen behind the times.

Of course, even if you have a stellar website and countless followers on Instagram, that doesn’t guarantee a sale. What’s worse, if you’re not properly managing your online image, you can actually lose business. Alternatively, if you’re not being found at all, then maybe it’s time for a different approach.

At the same time, luxury real estate is often set apart from the market at large. Although this distinction may hold water in many cases, many definable relationships still exist between the luxury housing sector and the remaining market share of the housing industry.

Bearing this in mind, let’s take a look at some trends that high-end sellers might expect to see in 2019.

Impeccable Timing

When working with an auction company, there's no longer a need to wait around for the perfect buyer to appear. Luxury Estates Auction Company enables you to set a date, gathers bids from qualified buyers, and award your listing to the highest bidder.

Market Differentiation

When operating within the parameters of traditional real estate sales, you're competing with every single luxury property on the market. Never mind, the inventory of most markets in the US remain oversaturated at best.

By putting your listing in the hands of a trusted luxury housing auction company, you're effectively setting your listing apart from all others and placing it front-and-center in today's competitive marketplace.

The Seller is in Control

In conventional real estate sales, the buyer has control over the terms and timing of a deal. Even after a sale price is successfully negotiated, a careful examination of the property could take months to complete. When working with Luxury Estates Auction Company, the seller sets the terms and decides which day the auction is held.

Cut-Out Carrying Costs

It's no secret that the carrying costs of luxury properties can be exorbitantly high. Even in the absence of a mortgage, you must consider property taxes, HOA fees, and the cost of upkeep. Plus, there is zero guarantee that your listing will "leave the shelf."

When you go with Luxury Estates Auction Company, your property will be off the market in 60-days; therefore, you will only be responsible for a couple of months of carrying costs at most. Ultimately, the net present value of your luxury home can increase drastically if you take the auction path.

At the End of the Day

Auctions give you the option to avoid many of the woes tied to traditional real estate sales. Alongside regaining control of your listing, auctioning your home ensures timely sales. Also, differentiation from the rest of the market is a sure-fire way to get your property in front of qualified buyers.

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