Digital Marketing Strategies


Digital Marketing Strategies
Having people find your property is only half the battle in luxury real estate sales. For instance, thousands of buyers across the US could come across your listing. But, if they don’t like what they see, they’re liable to move on to the next home. In other words, converting your leads is paramount. The important thing is to not only convey your lifestyle brand in-person but also through the use of content marketing and social media platforms as well.

As we all know, purveyors of luxury properties can come from all walks of life. So, it’s no surprise that selling trends in luxury real estate are not uniform— geographically or demographically. However, there is a common thread between sellers, i.e., technology.

OK. I’ll spare you the stats. We all know most Americans look to a handheld device when searching for pretty much anything these days. And, so the story goes for real estate as well.

No one is more familiar with the shifting technological tides in the real estate game than Luxury Estates Auction Company. After all, we pride ourselves on employing effective, aggressive marketing techniques. That’s why it’s crucial for you to fully understand the role digital marketing plays in luxury real estate sales.

Digital marketing in luxury home sales is nothing new. Many firms already actively use social media and other technologies to raise awareness about their brand and attract new leads. Not only is digital marketing a strategic way to get your lifestyle image and brand out, but it also gives you a competitive advantage over others “in-the-biz” who have fallen behind the times.

Of course, even if you have a stellar website and countless followers on Instagram, that doesn’t guarantee a sale. What’s worse, if you’re not properly managing your online image, you can actually lose business. Alternatively, if you’re not being found at all, then maybe it’s time for a different approach.

At the same time, luxury real estate is often set apart from the market at large. Although this distinction may hold water in many cases, many definable relationships still exist between the luxury housing sector and the remaining market share of the housing industry.

Bearing this in mind, let’s take a look at some trends that high-end sellers might expect to see in 2019.

Inbound Marketing

At Luxury Estates Auction Company, we feel that inbound marketing is the crossroads for social media, lead generation, and credible content. Moreover, inbound marketing focuses on generating value through experiences which have a definite influence on your audience and your business. Therefore, if you're not standing on the corner when the bus drives by, you're going to miss your ride.

It is important not to get left behind in today's market of hyper-connected luxury home sellers. For this reason, publishing relevant content of the high-quality is astonishingly essential when marketing your waterfront mansion or multi-million-dollar estate. Moreover, your content needs to be available on traditional websites, mobile apps, and across social networks.

Luxury Real Estate and Social Media

Recent research points luxury real estate as a top market sector where customers engage through inbound marketing. So, understanding how to tap into these channels is vital to a successful high-end sale.

Most luxury real estate firms complement their website with a blog and drive traffic to their site via social media. At the same time, some luxury home sellers rely on platforms like Facebook and Instagram as primary sources for lead generation-- giving potential buyers real-time updates about time-sensitive listings and agent availability.

Whatever the case may be, content marketing is key to achieving results. Alongside providing your audience with a direct pathway to your website's homepage, generating content relevant to your target audience is fundamental when building trust for potential sales. Not to mention, the data suggests prospects in the luxury real estate market spend more time on a website when re-directed from a social media platform--making what's on the page all the more critical.

Data-driven Aggressive Marketing

In addition to increasing the engagement of prospective buyers and driving traffic to your website, inbound marketing can also be used to assess the marketplace. By recognizing which online content you published resonates with your target audience, you can streamline your offline content as well. That way, you're not wasting time and money on ineffective advertisement campaigns and other fruitless enterprises.

Invest Less Time and Make More Sales

At the end of the day, the rapidly increasing use of technology and drastically shifting demographics towards younger, wealthier, and a more well-connected customer-base means that conventional means of securing verifiable leads are becoming less effective with every day that passes.

That said, it is important to remember a complete overhaul of your strategy might not be necessary. However, you may need to adopt a new approach to the tried-and-true ways on which realtors have traditionally relied.

It should go without saying, you need to be continually increasing your reach into the seller-market. Not to mention, the purpose of connecting with your audience is converting leads into sales. By adopting innovative digital marketing techniques in the luxury real estate arena, you can improve lead generation, bolster your brand or company image, and have you flipping luxury homes like never before.

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