Top Reasons Florida is an Amazing Place to Move


Now is a great time to move to Florida! Well, actually anytime is a great time because Florida offers amenities and a quality of life that you just cannot find anywhere else. With gorgeous weather year round, amazing culture, and no state tax, Florida is a wonderful place to buy a luxury house and make it a home. If you have always wanted to live in Florida or have recently been considering a move, here are just a few of the reasons why you should dive right in!

The most obvious reason people love Florida is the fantastic weather. With plenty of sunny days all year long, Florida is perfect for people who are ready to put their heavy winter coats away for good. Plus, you can enjoy the warm weather by partaking in an amazing array of outdoor activities like world class golf, sailing, and more. Each year, people spend their spring and summer vacations in Florida and talk about how one day they will move to the area. Why wait? If you love Florida, make your dream a reality. We can help you sell your home and find the new luxury home for sale in Florida you have always wanted.

Florida also offers a wide variety of cultural experiences without ever leaving the state. You can enjoy a weekend trip to a quaint cabin in one of the incredible state parks or embrace the big city nightlife of Miami. Take a family-friendly road trip to Disney World in Orlando or head down to the Florida Keys for a romantic getaway. Florida has it all and you will be able to take advantage of it all!

In addition to all of the obvious reasons to love Florida, the one that not everybody knows (and it’s and an awesome one) is that Florida has no personal income tax. You read that right – no state tax! Also, the sales tax in Florida is only 6%, so you can spend all the money you save paying fewer taxes on yourself. Most states have a state tax and most larger cities add a city tax on top of that. For example, some cities in Illinois have a combined state and city tax of 9.75%. Imagine how many new swimsuits you can buy with that! Florida is ready to offer the highest quality of life for the best value.

With wonderful amenities and miles of coastline offering homes along some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Florida is an ideal place to purchase a luxury home. If you have been considering making the move to the beautiful coast of Florida, be sure to consider some of the amazing homes we have available. If you already live in the area and are ready to upgrade to a new home, we can help you sell your luxury home at auction and find you fantastic home in no time! Call us now to hear how you can set the timeline and the price for your next home sale.