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Imagine what it would be like if there were no need for marketing. Life for those of us in the business of luxury real estate sales would become much easier for starters. After all, marketing is arguably the most fundamental aspect of the real estate industry at large.

Of course, you do not need to be a college professor to realize that marketing is a vital element in real estate sales. However, when it comes to successful, high-end sales, everyday marketing strategies and tactics don’t quite “fit the bill.” Much more, aggressive marketing is necessary if you want to be successful in today’s fast-paced and incredibly competitive world of selling luxury homes.

Smart sellers learn to adapt when confronted with shifting tides. That’s how Luxury Estates Auction Company continually keeps pace with the rapidly emerging market of millennials and multi-million dollar mansions. Want to learn how this extraordinary real estate auction company sustains high-end sales?

Aggressive Marketing is Key

It’s no secret among elite auction companies aggressive or active marketing techniques produce results. But, many sellers remain in-the-dark concerning the amount of sweat equity invested in marketing—especially when dealing with a high net worth population. Among many other things, aggressive marketing means selective advertising, face-to-face customer meetings, hosting sales appointments, cold-calling, extensive networking, and an array of online activities.

Virtual Staging & 3D Tours

Don’t be fooled by the dozens of tour companies cropping up all the time. Nevertheless, capturing the ancillaries and amenities of high-cost homes presents issues for many stately real estate sellers. What’s worse, many salespeople hobble along carelessly set in their old-fashioned ways.

When approaching digital décor and web-based walkthroughs, understanding the basics of photo editing, digital renderings, and floor plans is just the beginning. In conjunction with this precursory body of knowledge, developing numerous production strategies, embedding videos online, and optimizing your user’s experience are all part of the job when implementing an aggressive marketing campaign

Despite prices of luxury real estate being on-the-rise once again, lavish staging is more popular than ever before. In 2019 staging costs ranging anywhere from $5,000 to $100,000 are commonplace amid the high-end market.

Experiential Marketing Makes a Difference

The reason successful sellers take a more aggressive promotional path is that persuasive marketing doesn’t happen on the sidelines. By its’ very definition, experiential marketing involves first-hand familiarities with one’s target audience. Bearing this in mind, Luxury Estates Auction Company always involves their sales associates, prospective buyers, and former clientele when generating a buzz in the community.

To demonstrate caring for the community, the premier marketing specialist hosts oodles of events, like last year’s Little Black Dress Party and the always popular Gary Sinise Foundation fundraisers. Let alone, contributing to Ruth’s Chris Cancer Eventsand taking part in the Children’s Volunteer Health Networkact as prime examples of actively engaging your audience through meaningful experiences.

Do you have doubts about event-based marketing? Still, think it’s a wasteful enterprise? Guess what—you’re dead wrong! Recent research from the experienced examiners at the Event Marketing Institute discovered that 98% of consumers snap pictures and take video while attending live events. At the same time, 100% of this sample size shares their captured content across some form of social media!

Consequently, it’s no surprise more than half (51%) of industry marketers plan to invest much more in producing experiential marketing material.

Profit from Partnerships with Local Brands

OK. Before you go running around town trying to drum up support from your local merchants, remember your market! That is, don’t forget your target market consists of high-paying patrons. So, when dealing with these affluent individuals, expensive taste and sophistication go a long way. Accordingly, sellers benefit from capitalizing on active alliances with local, albeit high-end, commerce.

Let’s say, for example, you’re operating out of mid-town Manhattan, and looking for a way to attract high-class clients. Luckily, the NYC area is home to a plethora of well-known business brands. Therefore, striking a deal with, say, Steinway & Sons to showcase one of their pianos in your multi-million-dollar mansion could turn out to be beneficial for all parties involved.

Think about it this way: Are you more likely to sell an exclusive estate featuring a distinguished grand piano, or a cheap set of furniture from Rooms-To-Go? Sound far-fetched? A pair of sellers from Manhattan executed this plan, and the move paid-off big-time. Not only did the couple sell their high-priced property, but they got rid of two premium Steinways in the process!

The above staging strategy is a prime example of the aggressive marketing techniques employed by Luxury Estates Auction Company. So, if you’re not putting forth significant capital when staging, you can always call on real estate’s premier auction company. Similarly, if your pockets are not deep enough to invest in expensive artwork, custom-made furniture, tasteful table-top settings, and even an extravagant sports car to occupy the garage—don’t worry. There are other ways to make a sale without breaking the bank in the process.

Meanwhile, just because your “farming area” isn’t home to a world-renowned furniture manufacturer, you can still find a local furniture maker of high repute for staging supplies. Even displaying the work of a young, local artist could add the unique flare and aristocratic appeal sought after by the rich and famous.

When all is said and done…

High-caliber customers demand a great deal from those operating in the luxury real estate sales-space. To the same effect, staying on top of an aggressive marketing campaign can challenge the most talented seller. Toss in client nurturing and the smart positioning required by passive marketing, and saying you’d have a “full-plate” would be the understatement of the year.

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