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Selling luxury homes is a unique talent which incorporates a broad spectrum of knowledge and awareness. As it happens, understanding environmental factors is part of this knowledge-base. So, there are some fundamental concepts sellers can rely on to make the best of those occasional dreary days brought about by seasons like winter.

Winter can present a variety of issues when attracting buyers—especially if you’re located in an area where ice and snow build up regularly. To the same effect, high-end real estate and multi-million-dollar mansions situated in affluent areas, such as Vail, Colorado, are not always easy to show well in cold weather. According to the National Weather Service’s Winter Weather Statistics, the first snowfall in Colorado normally arrives in October. Meanwhile, the last snowfall typically occurs sometime in May. Bearing this in mind, there are some general ground rules when it comes to buyer preference and seller strategy.

People Prefer a Tidy Property

During wintertime, prospective buyers tend to focus on the small stuff. This fact is that much truer when speaking to the luxury real estate market. And, what may seem trivial from a seller’s perspective, can make or break a buyer’s decision. So, even if your property only experienced light snowfall, a buyer’s perception can quickly change about placing a bid on your home. That’s why it’s crucial to keep the property’s driveways and walking paths clear and ice-free.

Preventative maintenance is clutch when seeking to maximize your property’s selling potential during the winter months. Spread salt or sand over high traffic areas and footpaths to improve your home’s appearance, and prevent accidental slip-and-falls when showing. Additionally, keeping the roof free of snow is good practice as well. Not only is a well-kept roof vital to selling any home, but also, when dealing with multi-million-dollar mansions, piled-up snow is a “turn-off” for prospective buyers.

Light Screams Luxury

There are few things that make a home more attractive than good light. And, even though winter can bring bouts of unwanted gloominess, there's a plus side for sellers. When it comes to lighting in the cold season, snow is incredibly reflective. So, taking advantage of clear, sunny days after a fresh snowfall can prove to be incredibly beneficial—even more so than in the summer months in some instances. That's why it's vital not to get hung up on staging, photography, or virtual tours during the darker days brought by the winter months. Instead, focus on all of your pre-sale preparations on using the bright light offered by clear winter days to your advantage.

Keep all your home's windows spotless and free from crusty build-up resulting from snow-related materials, such as salt. Also, if there happen to be places where the sunlight doesn't quite reach, don't be afraid to improvise with some tasteful artificial light alternatives. Not to mention, you can always use spotlighting techniques to highlight key features of your living room, kitchen, or bathroom in your property’s virtual experience.

Heat Helps

Just because your property for sale may not be inhabited, doesn't mean you should mind the thermostat. After all, visitors coming in from frigid temps will appreciate the comfort offered by a home which is all warm and cozy. You might even think about lighting a fire to heat things up a bit. Plus, showcasing an elegant, active fireplace looks great when you employ proper digital marketing techniques. Lastly, maintaining an indoor humidity between 40- and 60-percent is ideal. This way, you can avoid stuffy, stale air, and make your property more inviting.

Winter Can Be the Perfect Season to Sell

Interestingly enough, there is a higher likelihood you'll receive substantial bids on your sale in the wintertime. Think about it this way. Anyone looking to buy a home during the winter months is not just some flighty homebuyer. At the end of the day, Jack Frost can be your friend when selling luxury homes in colder climates. But, don't forget you can always create a warm, serene sanctuary from the snowy season, but successfully selling luxury real estate is much more involved than simple staging techniques and some common sense. Achieving a marketing mix that incorporates aggressive techniques, both digitally and in-the-flesh, is vital to any lucrative, albeit luxury, venture.

If you’re unsure the best way to invest, market, and sell luxury real estate in cold-weather climate areas, you can always contact an expert in the field of seasonal sales, like Luxury Estates Auction Company. Getting in touch with an award-winning auctioneer and trustworthy marketer is the only way to secure a sale.
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