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Technological innovation and aggressive real estate marketing strategies go hand-in-hand with luxury real estate sales. And, nowhere is success more contingent on this potent mixture than in the sale of luxury homes at auction. That’s why action-oriented, intelligent sellers effectively search out the latest advances in real estate technologies and other business solutions when getting a leg-up on the competition.

The leading luxury property auctions not only leverage state-of-the-art digital tools, but they also are smart enough to know how much they can handle without having an emotional meltdown from the overwhelming amount of work expected from Realtors today. Full disclosure, we rely on various experts outside our immediate corporate structure to deliver the best results for both buyers and sellers. After all, why wouldn’t we want to give our active clients more attention by side-stepping routine sales and marketing chores?

Streamlined sales

Every seller wants to spend more time doing what they do best, i.e., selling. But, the fact of the matter is that successful sales hinge on adequately meeting consumer needs. Today’s consumer needs accurate, real-time information at the drop of a hat and with minimal effort. That’s why it’s vital you understand how leveraging technology is much more than just having a functional website and a Facebook page. As the National Association of Realtors (NAR) makes clear, “real estate professionals must harness the features and capabilities of online marketing to meet these ever-increasing needs.”

Of course, we’re not saying you need to sit down at the computer and start hacking your way through the thick brush of digital marketing, paid channel advertising, and search engine optimization. When all is said and done, sometimes it’s best to farm out tasks which take away from your core mission. All the same, it’s simply not feasible to think a small-sized workforce specializing in real estate sales will be able to undertake the responsibilities of an entirely new industry in addition to their regular duties—let alone a single luxury home seller.

Seeing the bigger picture

Furthermore, it’s crucial that you understand which services to outsource, and which ones are better-kept close-to-home. Obviously, you’re going to want to personally handle any tasks dealing directly with active clients, such as interviews, negotiations, and property value appraisals. However, designing a luxury real estate website, developing a digital marketing strategy, and integrating automated software are duties best left to professionals in their respective fields.

Nevertheless, many agents, brokers, and teams remain hesitant to look outside the company for help with specific services, even if they know nothing about the topic at hand. What’s worse, many real estate sellers overlook the importance of a well-planned digital sales strategy altogether. Disregarding the vast potential of the internet and the prevalence of technology in the real estate arena is a one-way ticket to the poorhouse.

You need more than just common sense!

If you’re not employing tech-based marketing strategies in your daily routine, here are some stats that might change your mind:

Companies with blogs attract over 50% more visitors to their website.

Businesses with 10 to 15 landing pages generated 55% more leads.

35% to 50% of sales result in a deal for the first vendor to respond.

Of course, Luxury Estates Auction Company understands tech-savvy sales strategies and aggressive marketing techniques are necessary for you to generate leads. Put differently, the right combination of innovation and marketing sells luxury homes at auction quickly, and at a fair value. However, many real estate sellers, agents, and brokers continue to forego newer, albeit, proven ways to boost sales.

Current state of affairs

Now, you’ve seen where real estate leads originate. So, let’s look at some reasons why your lead capturing strategy may be lacking. The following numbers partially explain why Realtors so many prospects go uncaptured:

74% of Realtors do not have a blog.

56% of Realtors do not use drones.

14% of Realtors use Instagram.

58% of Realtors employ contact management software

Bearing this in mind, it’s no wonder real estate companies are having a difficult time winning conversions. But, this dilemma is no excuse for the industry’s grossly disproportionate ratio online engagement to real-life sales. In practice, real estate companies only convert 2.47 percent of their (Pay-per-click) advertising via Google.

Don’t even try to deny it—converting clicks from your online portals into sales can be intimidating. Besides, the mastering of online conversions is even more daunting for sellers with little-to-no digital marketing experience. Of course, it’s no surprise Realtors have a hard time turning clicks into conversions. In fact, according to HubSpot real estate businesses only convert 2.47 percent of Google PPC traffic.

Situational awareness is paramount

As can be seen, you can’t completely negate the digital marketing trends of the non-luxury housing sector. Even if you’re selling multi-million dollar mansions to high net worth buyers, leveraging technology is critical to any close. As you know, luxury auction houses operate under a slightly different set of rules than the broader housing market. Accordingly, at Luxury Estates Auction Company we tend to “march to our own drummer.” Yet, we never let the exclusivity of the luxury market over into our lead generation strategy– and neither should you.

Furthermore,  we feel many of the same marketing tactics used throughout the general housing market can be incredibly useful. Despite dealing with high net-worth individuals, selling luxury homes at auction still relies on an effective marketing campaign. Not to mention, luxury home sales require a substantial investment in marketing if you want to get a leg-up on the competition.

Are you set in your ways?

The persistence of out-dated marketing techniques among modern luxury real estate sales professionals is a problem. Whether it’s an inability to grasp advanced computing concepts or just plain, old-fashioned obstinacy, there’s still time to recognize the error in your ways. Also, there’s no need to feel ashamed about falling behind the curve or being reluctant to change. Luckily, you can fix your “digital deficiency.”

Even so, fixing your poor online performance and rethinking an ineffective lead generation strategy are not tasks to be taken lightly. Moreover, improving your online presence and attracting new leads is possible for anyone who cares about selling. So, even if checking your email and logging into Facebook test the limits of your computing ability, it’s ok. Using state-of-the-art technology to improve lead generation tactics has yet to become the industry standard. So, you still have time to get in contact with a company who cares about keeping clients happy.

When all is said and done

Luxury Estates Auction Company prides itself on being an industry leading, aggressive marketer of luxury real estate. So, if the idea of capturing leads and optimizing company content for search engines doesn’t sound appealing, don’t worry. Or, if learning web design in the hopes of reaching the top of Google’s search results seems like a “pie-in-the-sky,” it’s ok. You don’t have to go back to the drawing board in search of a new profession.

Contacting an expert in luxury real estate sales is risk-free. What’s more, it can be an eye-opening experience for sellers struggling to close a deal. In effect, luxury auction houses are your one-stop-shop for all things marketing when selling million-dollar properties and luxury estates.

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