5 Myths About High-End Real Estate Auctions

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High-end real estate auctions are an attractive platform for smart sellers. In addition to eliminating many anxieties tied to traditional luxury real estate sales, luxury real estate auction houses ensure a timely and worthwhile transaction. The problem is, real estate auctions often get a bad rap when compared to traditional … Read More

Luxury Home Auctions: How Does it Work?


If you are ready to sell your luxury home but don’t want to get stressed and don’t have a lot of time, then you should consider selling your home at auction. Selling a home can be a complicated process that involves strangers touring your home, several meetings, and time-consuming open … Read More

Home Improvement Tips


If you are looking to sell your luxury home in Longboat Key, Florida, or any high-end area, there are a few home improvement projects that can help you get the most out of your investment.  Some renovations produce a higher return than others, and it’s important to know which additions … Read More

5 Things You Must Consider Before Selling a Luxury Home


Selling a luxury home requires a certain level of expertise and experience that isn’t necessarily required to sell a normal piece of real estate. Luxury homes speak to a specific demographic and the proper steps should be taken to ensure you are reaching the best audience of potential buyers. If … Read More

How to Choose a Luxury Home Auction Company


If you have been considering buying or selling a luxury home at auction, then there are a few key things to keep in mind when choosing the right auction company. The auction approach can be a wonderful way to buy or sell a home, but it’s important that you work … Read More